A digital earnest money deposit experience with Hurricane Builders

A digital earnest money deposit experience with Hurricane Builders

August 18, 2021

In a time of social distancing, a rise in wire fraud threats, and increased gas prices, it’s time to say goodbye to the “old way” of handling earnest money.  Hurricane Builders is proud to introduce a new partner program allowing for a fully digital, secure, and extremely convenient transfer of funds in real estate transactions, right from your cell phone or tablet.

The program is protected with banking-level security and encryption while also using ACH payment transfers instead of wires.  The system requires no paper checks and the homebuyer’s sensitive information is therefore never collected.

The added convenience of transferring earnest money to our partner escrow holder from virtually anywhere is a game changer,” says Hurricane Builders Sales Manager, Jeremy Gould. “No longer will you or your Realtor have to meet in person to transport a paper check to the attorney’s office, wait days for confirmation of receipt for a check that has been mailed, or use other less secure processes, when you can now complete the earnest transfer electronically in minutes.

It’s as simple as a Venmo transaction,” says Jonathan G. Howell, attorney partner of Smith, Howell, and Associates. “It takes five minutes to complete, all parties receive automatic confirmations, and within 1 to 3 business days, activity within the app will show that the payment was deposited with our firm. It really couldn’t be more convenient for everyone involved”.

Questions about earnest money or purchasing a Hurricane Builders home? Call 803-931-9686, email info@hurricanebuilders.com, or use the Chat Now feature on our website, www.HurricaneBuilders.com.


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