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Ahead of the Curve

Building smarter homes is Hurricane’s commitment to give homebuyers more for their money, by building in the surprising extras at no extra cost.  We are committed to staying ahead of the curve in technology, quality, and affordability.  That’s why the homes we build are smarter and more energy efficient, to make your life easier and save you money every day.


Honeywell Lyric Thermostats

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If there’s a smarter way to do something, Hurricane Builders knows about it and they want it for their homes. That’s why we install a Honeywell Lyric geofencing thermostat in every home we build.

The Lyric Thermostat can be controlled from anywhere by using the Lyric app on your smartphone or tablet. From the app you can program your thermostat based on a 7-day schedule or change it to fit your day as needed.

One of the most innovative features of the Lyric is its geofencing technology, which uses your phone’s geolocation features to start conserving energy as soon as you leave your house. Simply register your family’s phones with the app and Lyric will use the geofencing features in iOS and Android to know when everyone’s left for the day. When you reenter the geofence (a seven-mile radius in the suburbs and 500 feet in the city) the thermostat begins heating or cooling your home so it will be the perfect temperature when you walk through your door.

Bluetooth Speakers

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Enjoy your home even more when favorite playlists from all your devices come streaming in through the built-in Bluetooth wireless speakers that we install in the kitchen of every Hurricane Home. The two, clean look American-made Pyle flush mount speakers are 250 watts, 2-way, full range stereo which have a wireless connectivity range of 30-plus feet. They deliver a full, rich sound to make your home come alive with your favorite tunes. It’s just one more little luxury that will have you singing a new tune and loving your new home even more!

USB Charging Ports

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Conveniently located USB charging ports are just another way we make your home more user friendly. It’s a small convenience that keeps you charged and ready to go!

Trane Zoned HVAC

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Trane residential heating and cooling systems are built to withstand the hottest summers and coldest winters. In fact, Trane was chosen the most reliable brand in the industry by an independent HVAC dealer survey.

A Trane Comfort Specialist installs every heating and cooling system in a Hurricane home. Not every dealer is a Trane Comfort Specialist. It is a special designation awarded to only the most qualified Independent Trane dealers committed to being the best in installation, customer satisfaction, service and employee training.

Energy Efficiency
Energy efficiency is important to us. High efficiency is better for the environment and for our homeowner’s wallets. That’s another reason we use Trane heating and cooling systems. Their Energy Star systems we install are the most efficient – providing improved comfort and lower operating costs.

WaterSense Faucets

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Quality fixtures that are as energy-efficient as they are beautiful. The WaterSense fixtures we install use 20% less water than standard features. This is not only good for the environment but are good for your wallet! The average family spends more than $1,000 per year in water costs, but can save more than $130 annually from using WaterSense labeled fixtures.

Tankless Hot Water

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Hot water when you need it and you never have to worry about running out. Innovative technology provides an endless supply of hot water – even for simultaneous uses. Back-to-back showers and baths, laundry and dishes? No problem. Prioritizing activities and scheduling hot water use is a thing of the past and the best part is that tankless hot water heaters use up to 40% less energy than traditional tank water heaters.

(where Natural Gas is available)

Low-E Windows

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The choice is clear . . . Low-E windows not only look great but they save you money every month on your utility bills. Low-emissivity, glass minimizes the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that comes through your windows, without minimizing the amount of light that enters your home. Low-E glass windows have a microscopically thin coating that is transparent and reflects heat. The coating is even thinner than human hair! The Low-E coatings keep the temperature in your home consistent by reflecting the interior temperatures back inside.

Advantech® Sub Flooring

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Quality flooring starts with something you’ll never see: your home’s sub floors. A high-quality sub floor provides strength, stiffness and stability and can help prevent bouncing, squeaking and warping. AdvanTech® sub flooring stops squeaks before they start with superior strength and stiffness that gives your finished floors a smooth, flat surface with a luxurious, solid feel all backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Hurricane Builders knows that the test of true quality is in the materials you don’t see.

Radiant Barrier Sheathing

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Radiant Barrier Sheathing (RBS) comes pre-fabricated with a reflective foil layer that blocks more than 97% of the sun’s radiant energy, minimizing heat transfer through the roof and insulation to interior living spaces. As an added plus, RBS can even help keep non-air-conditioned, uninsulated rooms like garages, workshops and porches cooler, increasing a home’s usable space.

Installing RBS is an efficient, cost-effective way to help keep interior living spaces comfortable while saving energy costs. RBS panels are manufactured flat, install flat and stay flat, and have been engineered to precise specifications to resist problems like cupping, warp and sag. The radiant foil layer is perforated for ventilation to protect against condensation and moisture build-up.

Lawn Irrigation Systems

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Hurricane Builders knows your lawn is important to you. That’s why we take extra measures to make sure your home has a healthy, bright green lawn by installing an automatic lawn irrigation system in every new home we build.

Sprinkler systems can be very expensive and are not included in the construction costs for most new homes. Hurricane takes a different approach. We install a perfect carpet of sod to fill the front and all or most of the back yard, depending on the size of your lot. Then, we install an automatic sprinkler / irrigation system to make sure the lawn stays beautiful and green. Your yard will always look great, even when there is no rain in the forecast.