Ahead of the Curve

New Homes Built for the Future

When you buy a new construction home, you are investing in your future—and the home you move into should be built with that idea in mind. With incredible included standard features and stunning details throughout each of our homebuilds, our team at Hurricane Builders redefines what a new home should be.

    Smart and Efficient

    A Focus on Efficient Design

    With a promise to build homes for the future, our team ensures that each of our home designs has been thought up in a manner that embraces the possibilities of tomorrow’s technological innovations—whatever they may be. With included smart features such as USB charging ports, internal wiring for easy home automation integration and a 240v garage-installed EV charging station, you’ll always be ready for the next big thing. 

    All of our homes come with Low-E windows to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter while also reducing your power bills year round. Smart thermostats, radiant barrier sheathing and efficient HVAC systems also play a huge role in keeping your home comfortable without breaking the bank. Within our natural gas communities, all of our homes come equipped with tankless water heaters, giving you endless hot water on demand. 

      Included Luxurious Features

      In addition to smart features throughout all homes, our team is always focused on including high-end features and finishes throughout every design in order to elevate your living experience. With stainless steel appliances, gas ranges (in natural gas communities), luxury vinyl plank flooring, and more—your new home will provide the ultimate destination for a number of social gatherings with all of your friends and family. 

        Unexpected Premium Touches

        Every award-winning home we build features the latest technology available to keep you informed, up-to-date, and prepared. Our Hurricane Vortex System includes home automation, wireless doorbell cameras, wireless door locks, wireless thermostats, wireless garage door controls, smart switches, wireless access points, wireless smart receptacles, a 240v garage-installed EV charging station and more.

          Exterior Excellence

          Each home we build has been carefully curated to meet the modern design aesthetic that today’s homeowners are after, making the touches we have included on the exterior of our homes truly unmatched. Our designers put their expertise to work ensuring each home maintains exteriors that highlight up-to-date and on-trend features.

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